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Bequests, Wills, Trusts

Where there is a “Will” there is a way to make a Difference.

Having a Will is important. It provides the opportunity to have your decisions today help care for your loved ones in the future. A Will is necessary even if other planning arrangements, such as a Living Trust or jointly titled property, are in place.

A Will also provides the opportunity to support charitable causes. Being generous in one's Will or Trust is a way to continue giving beyond one's own lifetime. For many individuals or couples, this helps them achieve their dream of making a "Gift of a Lifetime." These legacy gifts are so important that the Missionaries of the Holy Family have the special and inspiring Family Forever Society.
How to include us in your Will

To facilitate your good intentions, here is a recommended clause for making an outright unrestricted bequest to the Missionaries of the Holy Family:

Congregation of the Missionaries of the Holy Family - North American Province, a Missouri not-for-profit Corporation, is to receive the sum of (indicate specific amount, percentage, or "rest and residue" of the estate). This bequest is unrestricted, and the Missionaries of the Holy Family may use and expend the same for the benefit of Missionaries of the Holy Family, in any manner it deems appropriate.

The preceding clause, of course, is only a suggested example. Always consult your attorney for specific legal advice.  The Missionaries of the Holy Family have an Estate Fact Book which you can request by calling our Advancement Office at (314) 577-6300.

If you have included the Missionaries of the Holy Family in your Will, please consider joining our Family Forever Society where you can be an inspiration to others. Learn more about The Family Forever Society.