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Question 1: Money problems are hurting our marriage – What can we do?

Answer: Difficult financial situations can place a great deal of stress on marriage. The way each spouse responds to and handles the situation can be stressful as well. Don’t let your financial problems continue to build. Don’t ignore them or put them on hold. Listed below are some resources for you to review. Prayerfully consider this as well -- The Third Joyful Mystery of the Rosary is "The Nativity." Saint Louis de Montfort recommends that the virtue we should reflect upon for this Mystery is "detachment from things of the world, contempt of riches, and love of poverty."

Veritas Financial Ministries
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Question 2: How much are we expected to give to the Church and charity?

Answer: It is often heard that time, talent, and treasure are God-given gifts to each of us and that we should return a portion of them to others. The most important part of charitable giving is to give something, even if it is a small amount, and to give it with joy. God blesses the generous giver. In some cases, giving to charity is the last expense we think of, but the first we consider to stop when times are tough. This is actually the reverse of what God calls us to do. Our gifts should be the first priority on our list as a joyful act of thanksgiving for all that He has provided for us. Sacred Scripture calls for a tithe – which is 10% of gross income. This is a guide, and it can also be a goal. One possible scenario is to give 5% to your parish and 5% to the charities of your choice. God can never be outdone in generosity!

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